Becoming a Crochet Fashion Designer or Crafter is attainable.

I have decided to share my passion for crochet and craft with you. Simply because I am hoping to engage and connect with others who share my passion, I am fairly new to using this forum to express myself, but I hope to get better at it as time progresses. I am an avid reader and I love to write and most of all I love to crochet. It is such a rewarding pastime, occupation and hobby.

have always been a lover of Crochet Designing. For as long as I can remember, it has been my first love. I have done crochet for a number of years, In fact I have loved this art form since my teen years. I however, never imagined that I would have gained such an affinity for crochet.


It is a handcraft in which yarn is made into a textured fabric using a hooked needle.That is the textbook definition of crochet, but for me it is a creative expression that oozes from deep in my spirit, and promotes relaxation and satisfaction. ┬áThere are a variety of wonderful ways to creatively make fabric designs with crochet. Also important to note, crochet doesn’t’ necessarily have to be done utilizing yarn, there is also wire art jewelry


I have been approached on numerous occasions to design varying pieces of garments, ranging from Hats, Earrings, Swimwear, Dresses, Handbags, Sweaters, Belts and sandals to name a few, and I must admit that I love designing each piece equally, there is never a moment when I have ever felt bored with my hobby/career.

I have always been interested in knitting, however it has not progressed further than an interest. Learning to knit has been on my “things to do list for many, many years now. It is amazing that in some ways, knitting and crochet are kins, however, learning the art of knitting has managed to be successfully elusive.


Although macrame is not done using a needle with a hook, it is equally attractive and exciting  to create.

Here is a list of items which can be made from macrame

* Jewelry

* Clothing

* Foot wear


* Hand bags and so on.

I promise to share ideas and tips as time progresses. Have a great day.